Solutions for Local and Remote Video Response

The protection of outdoor assets and the prevention of unauthorized entry is a serious issue for large properties, such as commercial facilities, logistics centers, power plants, and offices or industrial facilities. Effective protection must deter intrusion to the facilities.

The traditional solution for these issues is to use security guards on site. However, this option is costly and poses the risk of human error.

One option for solving security issues is local video response (LVR), in which the security guards use closed circuit TVs (CCTV) linked with external detectors. If the detector detects an intrusion, a linked camera captures the image, and sends it to the guard room, and security guards are dispatched to the site to check the problem. Local video response provides a more efficient use of security resources that the traditional use of guards only.

Remote video response (RVR) is the most effective solution. This system uses linked external detectors, video transmission, and speakers to protect the site remotely. If a linked detector is triggered, the operator checks the image, and makes a voice warning remotely. If necessary, the remote video response center dispatches guards or reports the event to key-holders and to police. Because onsite guards are not required, remote video response is an advanced but more cost-effective security solution than local video response. For this reason, it is used at present for protection in more than 20,000 sites in the United Kingdom.

Synchronization of detectors and CCTV cameras is crucial for both local video response and remote video response. In addition, the detectors must be matched with the cameras to provide reliable operation with minimal false alarms to handle numerous potential causes of false alarms, such as small animals, heavy rain, sunshine, and plants. Easy installation and adjustment can with setting up the detectors and cameras properly.

With its high-reliability detection technology, REDWALL is well known as the leading brand of external detectors for remote video response applications in the UK and provides the optimal solutions worldwide for video surveillance needs.

Operation Flowchart for Remote Video Response and Local Video Response

Operation Flowchart for Remote Video Response and Local Video Response

System Application of Remote Video Response
and Local Video Response

System Example

System Example

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