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Access Control System

Unauthorized entry is prevented by controlling people's access in real time.

Physical security enhancement is the first step in preventing information leakage.

Access Control System

Access control systems and other physical security measures are essential to prevent leakage of personal and corporate information. However, authentication systems are not sufficient in detecting the risk of those who are tailgating authorized personnel. The OV-101 series offers a perfect solution for bolstering physical security, by tracking people’s movements and detecting tailgating with absolute accuracy.

Equipped with high-accuracy image-sensing technology

Our image sensing technology detects tailgating and prevents unauthorized persons from entering secured areas with high accuracy.

Enables highly flexible system construction that responds to the needs of various situations.

Proposes necessary security where it is needed, taking full advantage of its great versatility.

This series proposes various levels of action taken in case of tailgating, including “alert/deterrence,” “deterrence/simplified prevention” and “prevention,” according to the security levels customers demand and the situation.
This product offers various advanced features, including the Escort Function, which allows entry of a visitor who does not have the authorized credentials needed to enter the secured area, and the external output of images obtained by a detection unit.

Responds to various installation environments

Installation environments vary in terms of layout, type of doors, and illumination arrangements. The OV-101 Series features highly flexible area settings and a “door cancel” function, enabling consumers to construct a security system without constraints.

Visual image of the Escort Function

Visual image of the Escort FunctionVisual image of the Escort Function

Product lineup

Access Control SystemAccess Control System

Unauthorized entry is prevented by controlling people’s access in real time.

Installation locations

  • Data center, server room
  • Office
  • Personal information management room
  • Plant
  • Important facility
  • Call center
  • University, research institute
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