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Production and Logistics


The manufacturing plants of OPTEX have established a safe and efficient production system, setting up an HR education and training system to improve environment in the plants and nurture special skills and high morality among employees to maintain stable and high quality. We have also been promoting EMS business and ODM business incorporating our manufacturing know-how, and providing comprehensive support to customers' manufacturing activities from development, design, procurement to mass production.

China: Own Factory
(Guangdong, Dongguan City)
Japan: 2 Subcontract Factory
(Ofrom Co., Ltd., Sunoct Co., Ltd.)
Vietnam: Production Outsourcing
(Rhythm Precision Viet Nam Co.,Ltd_ Vietnam, Hanoi)


As overseas sales of OPTEX accounts for more than 60% of its total sales, we have set up our unique supply chain, highly flexible and expandable, establishing our hub warehouses in 4 key areas in the world (Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, North America) in order to ensure fast and smooth product supply to our worldwide customers. We provide high added values to our customers in global business fields, enhancing our reliability by the shortening of lead times, reduction of logistics costs and visualizing traceability.

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