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Performance of Environmental Activities

Security Business

Line-up expansion of battery-powered products

Reduction of energy consumption through joint engineering design

Improvement of efficiency by enhancing added-values through design

Automatic Door and Shutter Business

Standardizaion of parts and prioritization of use of low-energy consumption parts

Compatibility between value enhancement and environmental efficiency improvement

Development of energy harvesting products (environmental power generation) *
*Development of products which use electricity generated by force, requiring no batteries

Lighting Business

Change of sensor lights to LED lighting (All 2016 models of year 2016 were changed to LED lighting.)
*Energy consumption of LED lighting is less than 1/5 of that of halogen lighting.

Challenge of Miniaturization and Weight Decrease

Promotion of smart-lights (sensor + control)

Line-up expansion of solar lighting

Measuring Business

Development and sales of water quality monitoring equipment

Promotion of IoT introduction


Introduction of energy harvesting products for building automation systems

Promotion of hands-on environmental education workshops: O'PAL

Smartification of operations


OPTEX will continuously address ESG-oriented activities.
(E : Environment, S : Social, G : Governance)
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