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Temperature/ Water Quality Measuring Sensors
The non-contact thermometer can measure temperatures instantly and safely, without touching the object. For that reason, this thermometer is used for measuring the temperature of the ingredients in food that is being cooked and foods delivered for storage, as well as cosmetic and pharmaceutical products being processed, to ensure uniform quality. The non-contact feature makes the thermometer suitable for measurement tasks that involve certain dangers, such as checking for abnormally high switchboard temperatures and measuring the temperature of painted surfaces of automobiles.
We were the first company in the world to discover an automatic transparency level measurement system. By using near infra-red technology, we can measure the degree of water transparency. This system contributes everyday to the preservation of nature by measuring the water transparency in Lake Biwa, Japan's largest lake. This 'transparency monitoring sensor' is also used to monitor waste water from sewage passageways and agricultural waste water treatment facilities, and it has been purchased for use in more than 500 locations.
Food Products quality control: Non-contact thermometers High voltage measurement: Non-contact thermometers
For Lake Biwa: Water transparency measuring system For Farm and village drainage, Factory waste water: Transparency measuring sensor
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