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Detecting aged wanderer at care facilities

Residents wandering about unconsciously and purposelessly are a major issue for care facilities for the aged.OPTEX sensing technology enables immediate reporting of such wandering. Our sensing technology monitors residents entering and leaving their rooms, without putting any strain on themselves, and significantly reduces the burden of caregivers.

Privacy-conscious wandering detection system

Privacy-conscious wandering detection system In conventional systems, a tag is attached to the clothing of residents so whenever the tag passes through a specific area, it is reported immediately. However, the system is not effective in some cases where residents take off clothing with tags or remove a tag from their clothes. Our system does not require residents to attach a tag to their clothes. Our sensing technology provides the perfect solution to ensure the safety of residents by detecting residents passing through specific areas, without using such tags, and reporting it to the staff immediately.

Reduction of burdens on caretakers

Reduction of burdens on caretakers Keeping a constant close eye on residents' activities increases the burdens on staff working in care facilities for the aged. By detecting and immediately reporting residents leaving his/her facility unannounced, our system contributes toward reducing the burden on staff while securing residents' safety.

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