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OM-105C / 106C

Suitable for swing door application

The OM-106C has the uni-directional and bi-directional mode. And as OM-106C ignores swing door movement, this is an ideal sensor for swing door activation.

Stylish design

A very compact and slim design to fit with all types of automatic doors.

Flexible detection area

The OM-105C/106C offer a narrow and wide detection areas which makes them suitable for all types of installations.The narrow setting is easy to set by just placing the narrow lens on to the antenna.

Special accessories as an optional choice

The RH-S is especially designed for OM-105C/106C to minimize the influence by rain. The MW-CMK is available for the easier and discreet mounting into the ceiling.



OM-105C / 106C

Color Variation

black silver

Product Information

Specification sheet