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Large detection area

The angular settings of the activation area (2 external rows) and safety area (3 internal rows) can be adjusted independently. The large detection area enables prompt detection of people approaching from any direction.


The OA-AXIS is available in three versions: OA-AXIS I (with one output), OA-AXIS Ⅱ (with one output for activation and a separate output for safety) and OA-AXIS T is an active infrared safety sensor tested and approved by the German test organization TÜV and in compliance with DIN 18650 and the preliminary European norm prEN 12650.

Test output

The Optex OA-AXIS T is equipped with test outputs suitable for almost every automatic door, by choosing the right dipswitch setting.

Adaptable to all environments

The detection areas can be freely adjusted in the left, right and longitudinal directions. The unit makes reliable detection and activation possible right up to the door for various kind of applications.

Superior stability

AIR sensors and microcontrollers are generally immune to the effects of external factors such as rain, snow and insects.

Energy saving uni-directional Function

Energy saving is an important topic within our industry. The use of an uni-directional sensor will make sure that the door closes faster on departing traffic and therefore contribute to a significant increase of energy saving.(OA-AXIS T only)


Color Variation

black silver

Product Information

Specification sheet